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7 Shortcuts You Will Regret Taking in Life

1. Taking the easiest route possible.
Someday you will look back on your life and realize that everything worthwhile you’ve ever accomplished initially challenged you. And that is as it should be, because big challenges often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary success.

Every struggle arises for a reason – for experience or a lesson. A great journey is never easy, and no dose of adversity along the way is ever a waste of time if you learn and grow from it.

Remember, an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards, and such is life. When life is pulling you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to eventually launch you forward in a positive direction. So keep focusing, and keep aiming!

2. Settling for the way things are by default.
The decision to settle for mediocrity is a real killer. If you settle for just anything, you’ll never know what you’re truly worthy of. There is ample time for you to be who you want to be. Despite the struggles that you might be facing, never give up on yourself. Don’t just take the easy way out and settle for less than what you know you are capable of.

Realize that it’s not always about trying to fix something that’s broken either. Sometimes it’s about starting over and creating something new. Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly. Sometimes growing stronger means growing apart from old habits, relationships, and situations, and finding something different that truly moves you – something that gets you so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. That’s what LIVING is all about. Don’t settle. 

3. Leaving everything to chance.
It’s not what you do every once in a while, but what you dedicate yourself to on a daily basis that makes a difference in the end. Having a plan, even a flawed one at first, is better than no plan at all.

Don’t trap yourself, endlessly, in a state where you are unable to ask for directions, even though you’re terribly lost, simply because you don’t know your destination. Figure out what you want. When you get real about the true feelings you crave, you end up surprising yourself with an abundance of new opportunities and possibilities.

Bottom line: One day your life will flash before your eyes. Do your best every day to make sure it’s worth watching. Work towards something that brings meaning to your moments.

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20 Words That Are Now Defined Differently Because You Are Older

1. Automobile

The automobile has been a right of passage in our society. We all look fondly at our first time (legally) behind the wheel and mark that point as our crossing from being a child to being an adult. As we cross that threshold the definition of the automobile changes.

BEFORE: Freedom to go anywhere and at anytime. Being alone in the car is our first taste of solitude.

AFTER: Escort for our spouse, friends, and children to their various activities. Never alone in the car.

2. Family

As a child we all remember that one family member that we could not stand. They would always irritate us, embarrass us, maybe even pick on us. A funny thing has happened; that person is now your closest confidant and you look back at those childhood memories with a smile and great fondness. “Do you remember when…” is a phrase that is always used when the two of you get together.

BEFORE: “Get away from me!”

AFTER: “Lets do something this weekend. Give me a call.”

3. Weekend

The weekend was made as a time for us to relax and get our battery charged again. The definition on how we relax has changed as we get older.

BEFORE: Have fun catching up with friends and staying up as long as you can.

AFTER: Have fun catching up on sleep and trying to sleep as early as possible at night.

4. Apple

Believe it or not there was a time when Apple was not the standard that all companies strive to emulate. It is well documented how bad and how close the company was to closing up shop. Today, Apple is the standard bearer and model for every company out there regardless of its industry.

BEFORE: Michael Dell when asked what would he do if he was running Apple, said: “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholder.”

AFTER: A recent story from ABC news says that “Apple’s stock hit a new high of $102.78 in Thursday morning’s trading before falling back to close at $102.25, up 12 cents for the session. The shares have risen 25 percent in 2014.”

5. Vitamins

The pill that was always supposed to make up for our lack of eating the right foods. We were all forced to take this pill as a child. Now, we take it willingly hoping that it will slow down the forces of mother nature.

BEFORE: Flintstone Vitamins

AFTER: One A Day vitamins

6. Cell-Phone

Today’s modern cell phone can be called the swiss army knife of the electronics world. Subtract everything that a smart phone can do with the exception of making a phone call, sending a text message (20 characters or less), and playing games (actually one game…SNAKE) and you have a phone from the 1990’s.

BEFORE: Nokia 5110

AFTER: Iphone 6

7. Mom

A bond between a mother and her child is a life long connection. It was enduring as a child, irritating as a teenager and young adult, whileit is searched for as an adult.

BEFORE: “Leave me alone, Mom!”

AFTER: “Mom…I need your advice.”

8. Friends

As a child, our definition of the word was limited to people that have actually seen us and know our real name. Social Media has completely redefined this word.

BEFORE: The five kids that lived around the block from us.

AFTER: The 5,000 followers we have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Etc.

9. Trouble

The authority figure we had growing up (parents, teachers, etc.) have now been replaced by society.

BEFORE: “Please don’t call my parents.”

AFTER: “Please don’t call the cops.”

10. Directions

During our parents time on the road, the way to navigate the streets was with a fold-up map. The internet made our travels a little easier. Smart phones have now allowed even a 5 year old the opportunity to walk to grandma’s house.

BEFORE: MapQuest (Still have to read directions)

AFTER: Google maps (Turn by turn directions)

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8 Great Habits You Can Instantly Start On

1) Do not bring your phone to bed

Smartphones are a double-edged sword. As cool as it is to surf the web at your convenience, it can take up a lot of your time and attention, particularly how we do it in bed.

We go to bed with the intention of sleeping, but we tell ourselves, “Just a little Facebook-ing” or “Let me see what’s on Buzzfeed”. Not only does this spoil your eyesight (because we switch off the lights first right?), but unknowingly tires us out as we get less sleep.

Stop it. Go to bed without your phone from now on. Just go to sleep. You’re going to have way more energy the next day.

2) Delete social media apps

There has been a trend of people staving off social media. It’s a great habit, but doing it cold turkey may be a little too much.

Instead, delete the mobile apps. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever. Get rid of them. You can use them at home in your computer.

This habit is going to open up your eyes, your mind as you start connecting with both people and the world when you head of the house. You’d be surprised how much you’re actually missing out.

3) Break routine

The idea here is to constantly try something different at random parts of your lives. It could be taking a different route to work or listening to a different playlist that’s not your favourite in your phone.

When you break routine and do something different, you automatically grow in life.

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12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

1. Determine your sleep number: Try to assess, on average, how many hours of sleep you need for your body wake up naturally, without the aid of an alarm clock. This is the amount of sleep you should aim to get on a regular basis.

2. Track your sleep: It’s always good to establish a baseline so that you can track your progress. Apps like Sleep Cycle (free) track the quality and length of your sleep by monitoring your breathing patterns through your phone speaker.

3. Sleep in total darkness: Because of our circadian rhythms, the presence of light prior to sleeping signals the body to limit the production of melatonin (a hormone that regulates sleep) which can disrupt sleep. Remove or cover up your electronics, install blackout curtains or sleep with an eye mask.

4. Avoid “blue light” before bed: Too much exposure to light before bedtime, especially “blue lights” from electronics and certain lightbulbs, is one of the biggest culprits of sleep struggles. Try to avoid or limit the usage of tablets, smartphones, TVs, computers, clock radios and other blue light emitting devices 60-90 minutes before bed.

5. Keep your room cool: The ideal temperature for sleep is somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees because cooler body temperatures lead to more deep sleep, where as hot environments result in more wakeful states.

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7 Little Mistakes that Steal Your Happiness

1. Ignoring what you CAN control.
Enormous freedom and power will be yours the minute you start seeing yourself on the cause side of the “cause and effect” equation. Your thoughts and behaviors are creating your reality. Every move you make matters. You are in charge of your thinking, which also means you are in charge of your actions and results.

What you focus on and put energy into every day will determine the results you produce in life. Embracing this philosophy is the secret to being in control of your destiny. Yes, occasionally something will happen that’s outside your control, but rolling with it, rather than against it, will produce the best possible results. In other words, it is not always what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you that matters most.

So no matter what happens, be intentional and do your best. You won’t enjoy your life if you don’t enjoy your challenges. When things go wrong, instead of blaming the world, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” and “What’s the next best step I can take from here?”

Think this way and your personal growth is guaranteed.

2. Worrying about what you CAN’T control.
You can control a lot in your life, but sometimes finding true freedom means knowing what you absolutely can’t change, or understanding what constraints you have to work within to build the life you want.

Entrepreneurs are widely known for being innovative, which is all about finding creative ways to bust through constraints. When this happens, it appears as though the impossible becomes possible.

“Constraints inspire creativity” is the credo of Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey. Finding freedom through constraints is all about accepting the things you can’t change, and then finding creative ways around these obstacles.

You might have an absolute need to make money to pay your bills – let’s call that a “constraint” – but you can be creative about the way you make that money. If you’re going to be totally free and happy with your chosen life path, you have to worry less about the things you have no control over (the need for money), so you can focus your creative efforts on what you CAN control (the source of income you choose to create).

3. Believing someone else’s definition of success.
Define success for yourself. You don’t need to measure up to other people’s benchmarks. The psychological root of most unhappiness lies in external validation, which happens when you try to measure your self-worth based on the opinions of others.

It’s not what others think, it’s what you think about yourself that counts. You, and only you, get to decide what kind of life you want to live. Other people’s goals and expectations don’t matter that much in the long-run. Never forget that.

When you become “the master of your own fate,” you get to choose what that fate is. You might want a jet-set glamorous lifestyle, or you may just crave peace, quiet and security. In any case, it’s a good thing that the seven billion humans on this planet all don’t want precisely the same thing in life. So decide what your heart really yearns for and commit to living for that, and little else. Let your intuition guide you. 

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