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Crazy Sleep Facts

Sleep Deprivationimage

Studies show that people between 18 to 24 years-old are affected stronger from sleep deprivation than adults and show significant performance decrease. This makes us ask the question why is it that most of our education and nightlife goes on during exactly this period. At least you have a scientific excuse why you failed your college exams.

Traffic accidents


You all know that time of the year when clocks are turned back at the end of the day and you are blessed with one more hour of sleep. Well the “crazy sleep fact” here is that on the following day traffic accidents have radically reduced. The lesson from this is to always have a good night sleep before driving. The extra hour of sleep received when clocks are turned back at the end of daylight saving time has been found to coincide with a fall in the number of road accidents.

Victorian laziness


During the Victorian era, when artificial light was not yet invented, people used to sleep for around 10 hours a night. How much did you sleep last night…?

Moody women


Recent studies have discovered that women need one more hour of sleep per night than man do. This constant sleep deprivation may be the reason why most women are emotionally unstable.

Sleep needs


Teenagers need a minimum of 10 hours sleep per night (as much as small children), while elders need only 6. So the next time when your parents tell you that you are lazy, simply show them some scientific data.

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Fact - Sleeping next to someone you love:

  • reduces depression
  • helps you live longer
  • and makes you fall asleep faster.