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28 Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Bacon Fat

Bacon Peanut Caramel Corn

Toss popcorn in a peanutty, slightly spicy bacon fat-based caramel, then add the cooked bacon back in for the perfect sweet/savory mix. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Chicken Alfredo

Cooking the chicken in bacon fat carries the flavor over to an extra component of the dish. Recipe here.


This one almost seems too obvious. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Pancakes

There’s bacon fat in the batter, but make sure you have extra for greasing the pan to cook the pancakes! Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Gingersnaps

It all just works. Recipe here.

Warm Brussels Sprout Slaw With Bacon

Sautéing shredded Brussels sprouts in a mixture of butter and bacon faster is much faster than roasting them whole. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Potato Soup

Easy cheesy. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Caramels

The original recipe simply called for lard, but blogger Joy knows what’s up. Recipe here.

Killer Spinach Salads with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette

You don’t like salads? Here’s one to change your mind. Recipe here.

Buttermilk Bacon Grease Cornbread

Perfect for your next summer barbecue. Recipe here.

Brownies with a Twist

Spoiler alert: the twist is that there’s half a cup of bacon fat in the batter. The result is dense and fudgy, with seriously awesome bacon flavor. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Biscuits

A flaky, bacon-y, perfectly textured biscuit is hard to find. Recipe here.

Bacon Fat Tortillas

If you’re having pork tacos for dinner, might as well go whole hog. Recipe here.

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