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Why Are Moms So Awesome?

Mother Knows Best

Whether you have your biological mom, your adoptive mom, your stepmother, your grandma, or some other maternal figure (or a very dedicated dad), you’re well aware of how wonderful they are. But let’s discuss the ins and outs of what make moms and maternal figures so awesome!

First of all, they know things that you don’t. They have more life experience under their belts. Sure, you may have learned more about algebra or physics than your parents were ever taught in school, but when you want to know something about your day-to-day life, you know exactly who to call.

They Support You

Almost all mothers have one thing in common: they support their kids, no matter what. If you’re going for a job promotion, getting serious with a significant other, applying for college, or even studying for a test, your mom is there for you 100% of the way. Everyone needs a cheerleader, and moms are the most dedicated ones of all!

They Love Unconditionally

No matter the mistakes you make in your life, moms are built to love you anyway. Even if she disagrees with your choices, deep down she still holds you in the highest regard and would do anything for you. That’s the very definition of unconditional love!

They’re Always Available

If you need your mom at the drop of a hat, she’ll most likely stop whatever she’s doing just to help you. Need someone to talk to? She’s sitting right by the phone, hoping for your call. Want to see the latest chick flick, but can’t find anyone to go with? Ask your mom! She’s free that night.

They Put Your Needs First

From the time you were an infant until today, your mom has probably done her very best to take care of your needs — even if that meant letting her own needs and desires fall by the wayside. That’s just what moms do!

Their Cooking

Not all moms are expert chefs, but nearly all of them know their way around a kitchen — and they probably know how to make something that you just can’t create for yourself. Stopping in for one of your favorite mom-cooked meals is never a disappointment!

They Take Care of You

One of the most disappointing parts of growing up is the fact that when you get sick, you’ll no longer have your mom around to dote on you. Being taken care of when you’re sick is the best, and moms know exactly how to nurse you back to health and make you feel comfortable. You don’t know how she did it all those years, because taking care of yourself or your own kids is not as easy as she made it look!

They Think You’re Awesome

Your mom is your biggest fan — whether you’re actually deserving of it or not. Every joke you tell is hysterical. Every outfit you wear is spectacular. She wants to be besties with you, even though you think that’s about the most embarrassing idea ever. If she could hang out with you all day every day, she would probably be all for it. Think about that the next time you blow her off!

They Want To See You

Do you ever feel like your friends only want you around when they don’t have anyone better to hang out with? Has anyone ever blown you off at the last minute, or acted like you didn’t exist at all? Your mom would never do such a thing! She actively wants to see you all the time. She misses you anytime you aren’t around. When you come over, it’s not annoying to her — she welcomes you with open arms. What could be better than that?

They Understand What You’re Going Through

If you think that something you’re dealing with is impossible to get through, just look to your mom for guidance. Chances are good that she’s been there herself, so she probably knows how to get through it unscathed!

They Can Put Up with a Lot

With moms, you can do things that anyone else would be annoyed or horrified by and it will hardly even phase them. Why? They have patience out the wazoo after dealing with children for so many years. They know how you operate, and they gave up on changing you years ago. Feel like belching at the dinner table? She’s heard it before. Did you get sick all over her favorite blanket? Oh well! She’ll just pop it in the wash. No big deal.

They Pay Attention

When you talk about important things, your mom really listens — she doesn’t just pretend to care. Because of this, she usually remembers things about you that most people never even knew. She has your birthday memorized and would never forget it. She knows what kind of food you like, and which kinds you hate. She doesn’t know everything about you, but she does know quite a bit, including things you never actually told her. She’s got eyes in the back of her head, after all!

They’re Financially Stable

This is not always the case, but in general, parents are more financially stable than their kids. That’s what happens when you work for many years to provide for yourself and your family. How often does your mom buy you something, “just because”? Have you ever gone to her when you needed a little extra cash to get by? Chances are good that you have, and she took care of it in a jiffy. That’s the way moms roll.

They’re Forgiving

Moms are some of the most forgiving creatures in the world. Like we said earlier, they’ll love you no matter what — so they’ll be quick to forgive when you make a mistake. Sometimes, moms even forgive their kids when they really shouldn’t! That just shows you how important their kids really are to them.

They’re Wise

Mothers have all sorts of wisdom to impart on their kids, even after they’re all grown up. Because of her vast experience and own trial and error-filled past, her advice is almost always spot-on. She may slip up once or twice, but most of the time she’ll be the best resource you have. Make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her!


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