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Lake Pandin is one of the 7 Lakes of San Pablo City, Laguna which will captivate you because of its beauty and calmness. The Lake Tour will cost you Php 180 that includes fresh buko, rafting, swimming for 3 hours; additional Php 180 for the optional lunch. Bringing of your own food is allowed. The lake’s depth measures about 180 ft.; that’s why the rafters won’t allow you to swim without wearing the life jacket. If you’re planning to visit the lake, it is suggested that you should contact first Siony (+639299789565) for reservations.  Don’t miss their Halo-Halo for Php 20 - one of the best and most delicious halo-halos I’ve ever tasted.

How to get there? From Manila, ride a bus going to Crossing, Calamba. Get down to crossing. Then, ride a jeepney going to San Pablo City and get down to the San Pablo church. After that, ride a jeepney going to Liliw and ask the driver to drop you off to Lake Pandin. Then, walk and hike for 10-15 minutes to get to the lake.    

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