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Things to Do on the Internet When You Are Bored

Google Pacman

Yes, this is silly, but it’s fun, especially if you are a Pacman fan. What better way to pass time at work than with Google Pacman? Google is rarely blocked at the office.


Who doesn’t love Facebook? Although it can become a bit boring itself, you will find many fun games to play. Some of the games include Sims Social, Farmville, Words with Friends and many different Casino games. 

Talking Animals

Talking Animals is a hilarious way to pass the time with all things cute and fuzzy. This is a popular YouTube channel that will offer hours of entertainment. YouTube itself is an amazing time eater, too. Searching random things on YouTube can offer hours of entertainment, just because of the unbelievably stupid things you will find.

Awkward Family Photos

Think your family photos are messed up? Take a scroll through this website’s abundant and totally awkward family photos that will leave you happy to know you’re not the only one! This is right up there with People of Walmart, another interesting site to pass the time with.

The Onion

If you are looking for satire and humor, this is where you want to go. The Onion is an award-winning American news source. It offers real, fake and funny world news to its readers. There is something for everyone to pass the time with when bored.


Engrish is a fun website which pokes fun at foriegn languages “lost in translation.” English is a hard language to learn and understand, so expect some fantastic translations as you scroll through this site. 

Institute of Official Cheer

Here you will find many, many things to pass the time. Humor columnist James Lileks has taken forgotten Post-Cold War era photos and ads and added his witty commentary to them. The photos used are an art form in themselves, bringing back many memories of days gone by with added humor.


Pogo.com is a free gaming site with many options. It offers you traditional games like Battleship, Monopoly, Family Feud, Clue and many more. There are also a multitude of card, puzzle and casino games as well. If you choose, you can become a member and join Club Pogo, which allows you to earn badges and eliminates the ads. Pogo also offers free chat while playing the games. It’s a great way to meet new friends! 

Falling Sand

How bored are you? The Falling Sand site will give you hours of mindless fun. You will be able to manipulate the flow of sand in various ways just by drawing lines on the screen and erasing them. Check out the screen shots for ideas, but beware: it is addictive!


This site has it all to keep you from being bored online. You can poke an eyeball with various objects till it explodes, kick Justin Bieber out of his own concert or kill stickmen in different scenarios. You can also learn to fold money into different shapes depicting world history!


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