24/7 Bebenta Sa'yo

The Gwapo or The Geek?
©Ariel Magyawe Jr.

Two different personalities but one common denominator, the smile.

  1. twinklelittlestaar answered: THE GWAPO XD
  2. phampham26 answered: pwede na pwede..
  3. clavichle answered: the geek!!!!!mas cute:”“”*
  4. imallergictobullshits answered: the geek :)
  5. maicareynoso answered: GEEK
  6. tetlinlovesyou answered: the geek :))
  7. kumplikadongbuhay answered: Le geek! :D
  8. pj456garcia answered: the geek! definitely the geek!!! in whatever way you compare them, the smile just keeps on shining through! ^_^
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  10. tumblrnipatrick answered: HaGeekGeek! :D
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  12. jencrays answered: Geek ?
  13. tumblrbestfriend answered: Ang cute mo dun sa second. :3
  14. fanarteatingfangirl answered: the geek!!! <3
  15. lasingsarealidad answered: both! haha.