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16 Reasons Why Digimon Is Obviously Better Than Pokémon

The opening had way better visuals.


Digimon: It’s way more intense. You have kids falling from the sky, digivolving, digital coding, and a creepy-ass monster overseeing the world that foreshadows all the darkness in the show.


Pokémon: It’s cliché because it’s too cute and happy.

All Digimon talk, and Pokémon only has Meowth.


Digimon: These faithful companions can actually communicate with you in human languages.


Pokémon: The only thing these creatures can say is an iteration of their name.

Digivice came in colors and had more purposes than the Pokédex.


Digimon: The Digivice not only created a connection between the digidestined and the Digimon, but it also helped the Digimon evolve, made bad Digimon good, it was a tracker, and it granted access to the Digiworld.


Pokémon: The Pokédex is the Google for Pokémon and that’s it.

Evolution was not permanent and you didn’t have to train for it.


Digimon: If you like Agumon more than Graymon then you don’t need to worry because your Digimon can evolve and devolve as it pleases.


Pokémon: If you like Pikachu more than you like Raichu, well then, you are screwed because once your Pokémon evolves there’s no going back.

Characters had more depth to them and you could identify with more than just three.


Digimon: There are at least seven main characters that you can pick from to be your favorite. Each one is different and you can relate to one more than the other.


Pokémon: You only have three main characters and that’s it. Variety is better.

The characters were not selfish and had meaning to their actions.


Digimon: The characters were actually fighting against evil to save the Digiworld and the planet Earth.


Pokémon: Ash is just a 10-year-old kid that wants to collect all the badges and catch all the Pokémon.

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Paano kung gusto pala talaga ninyo ang isa’t isa, pero pareho lang kayong nag-iisip na hanggang friends lang kayong dalawa?!


James Ostrer

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Matutong makiramdam.

Minsan akala mo hindi nasasaktan yung tao pero deep inside nasasaktan na pala.