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11 Things Only Platonic Best Friends Understand

1. The general public doesn’t believe the type of friendship you have truly exists. They refuse to. You’re like a mythical Pokémon or a bag of decently priced pistachios – something rarely seen – if ever. Folks can’t fathom pure friendship with no extracurricular, ulterior motives, so you’ll hear theories about the secret romantic feelings one of you surely has for the other.

2. Real life isn’t a romantic comedy. There won’t suddenly be a 30-second montage of you two trying various outfits on for each other, giggling, getting stuck in the rain, sharing long-drawn-out eye contact, and kissing in aforementioned downpour with a Cyndi Lauper song playing in the background as you realize that you’re love. None of that happens in thoroughly platonic friendships.

3. Sarcasm and insults aren’t flirtation, but terms of endearment because that’s just how many of us treat our closest friends. The best ways to avoid actually saying nice things to the people you care about unromantically are cynicism & banter.

4. If your friendship began during childhood, before hitting puberty and being girl or boy crazy, it’s even more feasible that there’s zero physical attraction. Something about knowing someone since they were in diapers adds a pure, neighborly feel to the connection.

5. This friendship is likely a great source of advice, specifically in the dating department. No subjects are off limits and sugarcoating isn’t necessary, so you can get pure honesty, which is a hot commodity these days.

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